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Monday, April 16, 2012

Book Shelf - Your 100 Day Prayer

I’m a book worm.
I LOVE books. Old books, warn books, brand spanking new books. Thrift stores with book rooms are like a treasure trove. Best not to leave me unattended in such places; you may not see me for an hour or so.
I spend more hours then I would like to know with books; reading them, looking for them, crafting with them, talking about them, and drooling over them. Actually, it would be quite interesting to find out how much time I do spend with books...
I came across a list of ‘Must Reads’ by a random person, and of course I had to look. As I was reading this list I was mentally checking off whether I’ve read it, don’t want to read it, or should read it. It was then that I realised I should make a list of my own! Why not!?! At the moment I have the time, I have the blog, and I have the numerous books I’ve read! It’s perfect!! Plus I love list making, bonus.
Next came deciding what kind of list to make, and I’ve chosen an on-going list. I’m going to write about the books I’m reading as I’m reading them and while doing that I will make a more concrete list. Like a top ten must read books.

I hope my Book Shelf entries are as enjoyed by others as I know they will be enjoyed by me.

Your 100 Day Prayer – John I. Snyder.
‘The transforming power of actively waiting on God’
Religion/Christian Life/ General

I’ve just picked up this book, and I already love it. The reason I’m reading it; my sister had nothing but good things to say about it, and my sister doesn’t do that with a lot of books. This book is about actually taking your prayer requests to God and trusting Him with it. I hadn’t even gotten to the intro before I decided that I loved this book. All I had to do was read the ‘How to Use This Book’.

“Finally, we present to him all the things we want him to do. We can ask anything of him we want to, anything at all. If he thinks that what we ask for is good for us and in accordance with his perfect will, we’ll have it. We can ask for health, healing, rescue, a mate, a career, or even a new Lamborghini! The worst that can happen is God can say no. If it’s a no, then that means it’s not the best thing for us. How bad could that be? So let’s put aside any false humility or pride and come before God with boldness, asking for the moon. Remember, we’re coming not to our employer but to the Creator of the universe, who wants to be seen as our heavenly Father and who has our best interests at heart.”

Such anti fearing logic. 
Do to such logic (because I do have quite the respect for logic), this book has already made it onto the list of 'Top Ten Life Changing Books', even though I haven't even finished it!
This book is a short and sweet daily devotional full of advice, encouragement, and an on-going lesson of being persistent. I’ll let you know how it went in another 96 days...

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